The unique charming ancient China's most beautiful town
China has many, each are extremely sensibility, or mountain or water or Bridges QingWaFang.Fugue, often makes people do not know now evening what evening. The first: danba Tibetan village Danba, located near the eastern sichuan ganzi Tibetan autonomous prefecture in western and daofu, Kang Din

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Pour the wind and cloud roaming yunnan TengChongXian heshun old town
The town had permeated the smoke and fire, also ever enjoy prosperity and glory, it's the sad and beautiful will always struggle together, in the end it is staring at the distant land of the west side. Dealership in mountainous overlapping between the gaoligong mountains, seemingly in the cliff t

yunnan The ancient town

The magic are Shanghai leisure livable city
For a long time, about "livable city" are people most concerned topic.Shanghai, is still the top as a livable city.Whether in the bund garden, enjoy the magic scene, or in fengjing town, experience in China ancient people feel in the picture;Shanghai snacks, or is in the city god temple enjoy a wond

Shanghai Chenghuang temple Fengjing ancient town The bund