If you have love in Beijing, you should so play!

In Beijing, talk about feelings play love seems to be not an easy thing.We may look delicate, material abundance, the spirit of independence, but it seems hard to meet a know cold warm, intimate lover.If one day in Beijing have love, we can go to the joyous pavilion tanchun, go to kunming lake white

Beijing love Diaoyutai gingko boulevard The north sea Wto-day order GUI jie street, houhai

Said "let's go" to see the world with my parents, Beijing free line 8 days detailed strategy - deep, respectful wang fu

Sit tricycles houhai Manpower tricycle in houhai lake is a scenery, rent a three-wheeled rickshaw tour along the houhai - west sea - sea before, will be on the way by soong ching ling's former residence, residence of guo moruo, nine gate snack street, wangfu deqing, respectful wang fu (and of for

Beijing tourism houhai Respectful wang fu

"Let's go" said will see the world with my parents, Beijing 8 days free line detailed strategy - houhai

First stop: houhai  houhai is an integral part of Chinese quadrangles, saying is "the sea", is actually a huge artificial lake.Up the street outside, after its action to xinjiekou street in the west.This is the city before 700 yuan dynasty period of ancient waters.Don't go around houhai lake i

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