Article 12 in China is not known as the color line to the public
If every month have a journey, so be sure to China this article 12 color line.The most beautiful four seasons on the road, do you most admire in the heart is a few months? Jan: half is sea water, half is flame Line: haikou, wenchang, qionghai, mannings Main point: wenchang tai wan, stone park

red line hainan yunnan sichuan guizhou guangxi xinjiang plateau gannan shaanxi hunan

Rediscover the street in chengdu elegance
If at the end of the board the plain mountain overlooking this familiar land, as the mist away gently, plain in the village surrounded by green trees and streams, it carefully in the depths of the earth. If chengdu wenchuan far away;If chengdu's Yangtze massif with active nearby longmenshan tecto

sichuan chengdu elegant street

Leisure pastime to chengdu
Haven't been to chengdu, I do not know chengdu people's leisure life carefree to which extent, only after being in the city, listening to people talk, dragging a long end and turn the sound, looked at them in intensive antique commercial blocks and alleys and natural and unrestrained the seriously t

sichuan chengdu Leshan giant Buddha

To "chengdu garden" in xichang yi
Mention xichang of sichuan, the first impression is the famous satellite launch base.Imagine there must the land in the desert, nothing grows.But it is not the case, xichang with pingyao ancient city, lijiang ancient city is known as one of China's top ten most beautiful ancient city.Here is not onl

sichuan xichang yi The Chinese New Year